Privacy Policy

Here you can find all the related information regarding the protection practices of this supplement reviewer site. Moreover, it clarifies the path, the group that works with running this site takes utmost care and makes utilization of for the information gathered from everyday visitors on this site.

What kind of information may we gather from the visitors?

We basically gather all sorts of information supplied by you while putting in an order request, subscribing to any newsletter, minding any contest or our promotions, or a couple of distinct solicitations for information over fitness and health supplements.

Any of the information supplied by you, we request upon that is find to be not much important, will be ascertained as elective one over this site

Information collected from you with the motive of offering an administration or rewarding your buy request.

Just similar to most of the site on the web, we too may make use of cookies to assist you with the better experience, accumulation of visitor information, and moreover to keep track visits to this website.

What do we with the collected information?

Any sort of information collected from our day to day visitors will be used as a part of any one of the below ways:

In order to enhance the customer administration- Obviously, the major intention of gathering such details is to ad experience of everyday visitors on this site. Whatever information collected on this site, whether private or open won’t be traded or sold, to any other organization on any grounds without getting concerned party assent. We assure and respect the privacy requirement of our day to day visitors and you can trust us that whatever individual information you supply to us are under total security with us.

To respond to our visitor’s appeal – We may make use of information to send you back response emails comprising info related to your request.

All the information gathered will be safe

We make use of the blend of distinct assurance measure in order to prevent your important information. These efforts to enforce safety comprising password secured databases and servers to safeguard and secure your vital information that guarantees your information being maintained under utmost safety with us.

Do we have external links to other websites?

Our website does have external links to some distinct websites and monitoring group. Behind this, our websites will not hold responsible for the privacy policy over these several sites as all these websites have their own separate administration. We recommend reading out and understanding their privacy policy page and terms of conditions before making use of their site for your own personal safety.

Will we notify regarding Privacy Policy Updates?

As a part of site upgrade, we do routine overhaul in our safety and protection approach. Our visitors can understand the same from the site that is stated through a highlighted message box that indicates regarding the new privacy policy.